Evan J. Wright
Sales Representative

A new Sales Representative with the GTA’s Plex Realty, Evan began his real estate career as an investor and property manager specializing in multi-unit housing and income properties.

Evan has owned and managed multi-unit dwellings and investment properties in Durham, Toronto, Hamilton, the Niagara Region and the UK. Evan obtained his real estate license in 2015. Before getting involved in real estate, Evan co-owned and managed a successful Toronto-based software development firm that he and his partners sold in 2005. His experience in this fast-paced, high-stakes environment where he oversaw 170 employees in 3 countries helped prepare him for the constantly evolving world of real estate. Contact Evan for up-to-the-minute insight on everything from selling or purchasing a first home to buying, selling and managing income properties.

Looking to buy, sell or manage an investment property in the GTHA? I’d love to discuss your options.