St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence neighbourhood is bounded by Yonge Street, Front Street and Parliament Street, and the Canadian National railway embankment. A notable landmark of Toronto, the Flatiron Building can be found in St. Lawrence located where Wellington Street meets Front Street. The building is known for its distinct narrow, wedged shape. Many of the old industrial buildings along Front Street (east of Jarvis) have been demolished to make way for new apartments, however several old industrial buildings remain that contribute to St. Lawrence’s character, including old meat packing plants from the 1800s – several of which have been converted into commercial space or lofts.

One of the main attractions within St. Lawrence is St. Lawrence Market, the largest indoor market in the city. It was named the world’s best food market by National Geographic in April 2012. Located at the corner of Front and Jarvis Streets, the market features two buildings, each of which serves a different purpose. St Lawrence Market North hosts weekly farmer’s and antique markets. St Lawrence Market South hosts two floors of vegetable and fruit markets, butchers, cheese stores, fish mongers, grocers, bakeries, delis, restaurants and cafes.